KitchenAid KFP0922CU Review

The Kitchenaid 9 cup food processor is intended for home kitchen food preparation use. It is advertised as being able to process a large amount of food, so it would be suited for use when preparing large or small meals. This Kitchenaid 9-cup food processor has poor reviews across the board, despite being from a highly regarded brand that usually is known for producing high quality products.

Three blades and two discs are included. The discs are made to shred and slice in a variety of different thicknesses and sizes. The multipurpose blade is a universal tool to chop and puree foods. The dough blade is used when making dough of any kind: bread, pie, pastry, etc. The mini blade works similarly to the multipurpose blade, but is used for smaller applications in the smaller work bowl.

kitchenaid 9-cup food processorThere are two bowls included. The large bowl holds 9 cups of food and the small bowl holds 3 cups. The feed tube that is used to feed ingredients into the appliance has a wide mouth and can accommodate food of different sizes and shapes. The speeds that are available are pulse, low and high.

Dishwasher Safe: All of the food preparation components on the 9 Cup Kitchenaid Food Processor are top rack dishwasher safe. There are many pieces to this food processor, so bear in mind that it may take up a good portion of your dishwasher.

BPA Free Bowls: Both the small and large bowls are free of BPA, making them a safe choice. It is incredibly important when it comes to what materials are touching the food we consume, so KitchenAid should be commended for ensuring that there is no BPA in their bowls.

Variable Speeds:This model of KitchenAid food processor has 3 speeds: low, high and pulse. This should allows you to have better control over the level and speed your food is processed at.

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The 9 Cup Kitchenaid Food Processor comes with a short warranty. All that is available is a 1 year replacement warranty. After reading so many negative reviews and experiencing problems myself, this incredibly short warranty would be a deal breaker. Many other small appliance brands offer warranties that are much more generous than the one that comes with this food processor.

Poor Design: There are many issues that are wrong with this food processor. The bowls are prone to leaking, especially when processing foods with a high liquid content, such as tomatoes or soups. The most common negative review for this model of KitchenAid food processor is that the motor is of poor quality. It does not handle foods well that are not already soft or pureed, and it is prone to burning out or breaking shortly after purchase. The motor determines how effective a food processor will be, so the fact that this motor is weak and unreliable speaks volumes for the quality of this food processor.

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I read dozens of Kitchenaid 9 cup food processor reviews online before purchasing one, and I wish that I had listened to what the other reviewers had to say. Overall, the reviews I had read were not favorable, but I was hopefully optimistic that I would love my new food processor. I was incredibly disappointed in the quality of the KitchenAid and would not recommend it at all. I actually wound up going out and purchasing a different brand’s model because I just couldn’t get my KitchenAid to work in the way I needed it to. There are many better options in food processor choices out there, and this is not one of the better ones.

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