Kitchenaid KFP0711cu Review

The Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor is the workhorse of the kitchen. This food processor comes with the tools a home chef needs to complete many different kitchen tasks. The food processor comes with a stainless steel mixing and chopping blade, a shredding blade with 2mm and 4mm holes, and an adjustable slicing disc. The slicing disc uses Kitchenaid’s Exact Slice feature, a lever on the outside of the machine that allows the cook to quickly and easily change the width of the slices. The food processor has a 2 in 1 feed tube, designed to allow large or small foods to be fed straight into the blades. The included pusher lets the cook apply pressure to ensure even slicing as food goes through the slicer or shredder blades. There are three speed settings on the 7 cup Kitchenaid food processor, hi, low and pulse. The pulse feature is very useful when light mixing or chopping is required, such as making a salsa or mixing a pie dough. The shredding blade works wonders on cheese, lettuce or even when shredding carrots for a carrot cake. The slicing blade has the power and edge needed to slice anything, from hard vegetables like potatoes, to soft tomatoes. The 7 cup capacity bowl gives plenty of space for any recipe, and Kitchenaid’s exclusive Ultra Tight™ Seal technology guarantees that there won’t be any leaking bowls, no matter how high it’s filled. This food processor is available in four distinct colors: red, white, black and silver.

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kitchenaid 7 cup food processorThere are many positive attributes to this food processor. The bowl is big enough to handle most kitchen tasks for a family of four. The large fed tube ensures that the chef doesn’t have to do too much prep work, and the feed tube has a hole to drizzle liquids in, like the oil in a pesto. That really helps prevent splatters from lifting the pusher out while the machine is running. This processor was also designed with cleanliness in mind. The bowl and blades are easy to take apart and wash, though care needs to be taken around the blades. In addition, the buttons are not raised or recessed from the front panel, they are flush. The front of the unit is one seamless piece, which leaves no spaces for bacteria and gunk to accumulate. Cleaning the outside of the processor is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth or spraying with a disinfectant. The adjustable slicing blade is a great feature. Kitchenaid has put this feature on many of its new food processors, and it has been a very popular feature. Most food processors have a slicing blade that will do one or two sizes, and any chef who wants a different size needs to use a knife or mandolin. The adjustable slicer blade gives the machine a lot of versatility compared to its competitors.

The only real drawback to the machine is in the safety lock design. According to many Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor reviews, the lid can be locked on in more than one position. The safety lock, which ensures the lid and bowl are securely locked to the machine before the blades can spin, will only engage if the feed tube is in the front of the machine. This has led to a lot of confusion and returned units. As long as the user realizes the unit will only work in this position, it’s not really a big drawback. It is also worth mentioning that, while the seven cup bowl is big enough for most jobs, canning will probably require a bigger machine. Kitchenaid makes food processors up to 13 cups, and the bigger size will help with the large batches associated with canning.

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This Kitchenaid food processor is a good mix of versatility and space. The seven cup unit doesn’t take up too much counter space, but still has the volume for most tasks. There are many useful features, such as the adjustable slicing disk and the spill-proof lid, which make this food processor a popular model. The Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor would certainly be recommended for anyone who needs a quality food processor but doesn’t have need of an exceptionally large unit.

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