Hamilton Beach 70610 Review

The Hamilton Beach 70610 is one of those devices that gives a lot of value for a little cost. If you are looking for a low cost food processor that can handle any sized job, this is one processor to consider. Despite being at the lower end of the food processing price list, Hamilton Beach food processor reviews show this processor delivers a wallop nonetheless.

The 70610 comes with a powerful 500 watt motor. This motor is strong enough that the 2nd speed is only needed on rare occasions. The first speed along with the pulse control is usually sufficient to cut, shred or even puree any vegetable or fruit. The 10-quart bowl is large enough for just about any item that a user might want to prepare. This larger size bowl holds more liquid than most of the more expensive processors, a real plus. The bowl comes apart easily and is simple to clean. The Hamilton food processor is also very safe to use, since the processor cannot be started unless both the lid and base are locked into place. This also prevents splash back of any food product while feeding vegetables through the feeding tube. The two blades that come with the 70610 are easy to interchange. The instructions are illustrated and there is an 800 number to call Hamilton Beach for additional help if needed.

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Hamilton Beach 70610The Hamilton Beach 10 cup food processor has a lot to offer. Most vegetables and fruits fit easily through the feed tube. Some items need to be cut to size to fit if they are large and very round but most items fit nicely through the tube for processing, however. The bowl has measuring labels on the side so that you can stop when you reach the needed amount. This prevents needless waste. The processor comes with two blades – one is for slicing and the other is for shredding and doing purees. The blades provide a large range of choices for the size and shape of your foods. The processor fits easily with most kitchens coming in both white or stainless steel versions. The 70610 stands 15 inches tall, 9 inches deep and is 11 inches wide. The manufacturer provides a full year warranty on the product. You can also buy extra bowls, blades or other extra parts from the manufacturer. These instructions also come with a few recipes to help a newbie get started using their processor. Additional recipes and serving ideas can be found in a cookbook from the manufacturer and in the cooking section of most book sellers.

There are some issues with this food processor, however. One of the main ones is that it gives inconsistent purees and shredding of some food items. Some of this can be improved with practice using the speed controls, but some items occasionally need further work after using the machine. This processor does not come with a dough hook and is not recommended for mixing dough. It also does not handle processing hard cheeses well, even cut into small pieces. It is important to check and follow the restrictions on using the processor that come with the instructions. A food processor is not a juicer, either, and it does not work well if trying to juice fruits. If you need to turn your fruit into juice, buy a juicer instead.

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Overall, however, the Hamilton Beach 70610 is food processor that will handle the preparation of fruits and vegetables needed for your meals with ease. It provides great value at minimum cost and will be a welcome and well used addition to your kitchen.

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