Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Review

When we put the Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep through its paces, we are not quite sure why so many buyers mistakenly believe they are buying an incredibly versatile processor that fits in any kitchen. Just looking at it tells you it is a small unit, perfect for a small kitchen or for a subordinate role in a large kitchen. The Cuisinart mini food processor is another small food processor that performs as most people expect a small food processor to perform. The mixing bowl size is small in terms of food processor specifications, but it can enjoy a practical place in any kitchen. It features two speed chop/grind power buttons, a three-cup mixing bowl, auto-reversing blade, a bisphenol free work-bowl, manual and recipe book. The parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with an 18-month warranty. This is not a large food processor, though Cuisinart makes a variety of larger ones is that fits your needs better. A small food processor is handy for sauces and light duty chopping and blending jobs.

mini food processorIn terms of likeability, the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus’s performance is great for a small Prep chopper/food processor. The Mini Prep chops up onions, garlic and tomatoes quickly and easily and leaves the cook with exactly what they are looking for in chopped or ground foodstuff. It also offers a pulse feature that is important in controlling the amount of cut or grinding the user wants. With any cook, a little experience and talent is helpful. For instance, if you chop or grind for too long you may end up with a paste instead of chopped food. For people who love to cook, the Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor gets the job done. Experienced cooks find it does a great job in the creation of sauces and chopping small amounts of soft vegetables. The design includes holes on the top for adding liquids like sesame seed oil and flavored vinegar. The reversible blade works well. If you do not mind the limitations, this mini food processor will make a tremendous addition to your kitchen.

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It is not the biggest food processor on the market, and it does not handle large quartered vegetables that well. For instance, a large quarter of an onion may surf above the blades and because the mini prep does not pull food down, large pieces can go unchopped. You may have to pre-chop some items in order to get the best results with this small food processor. You need to be cognizant to the size limitations and try not to over fill the Mini Prep or you will end up with unchopped food. You must also be aware of the fact that some foods ought to be chopped up while others should be ground up. A cup of walnuts needs to be ground, not chopped. The manufacturer designed the chop feature for soft vegetables. Cuisinart makes larger processors in their line for hard vegetables and some buyers who find this unit frustrating ought to step up to the next size food processor.

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Overall, the Cuisinart 3 cup food processor will deliver good, impressive performance. Experienced cooks realize this cannot function as the only food processor in a busy kitchen. It works well for sauces and fits in an apartment kitchen where the demands of a family do not make the unit’s shortcomings obvious. The unit is powerful and the blades are suitably sharp enough to make a good first impression. It also scores big on convenience. Pulling out a larger food processor can be a pain and the prospect of assembly, dis-assembly and cleaning can be discouraging. Because this processor is so handy and cleans up easily, a lot of processing will get done that may not otherwise. The blade, bowl and cover are dishwasher safe. Consumers complain that the bowl and cover crack or break occasionally. If this is true, you must take extra care to not put too much pressure on the bowl and cover. The BPA free plastic bowl should probably be more durable. The ease of using the pulsing, two-button control is a real plus, and the attractive unit is a compelling addition to the kitchen and we would recommend it for any small processing needs but you will probably want to have a full size food processor on hand as well for larger jobs.

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