Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Review

The Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB 9-Cup Food Processor has a number of wonderful standard features that help to make it an essential kitchen appliance. With a generous nine-cup capacity, the Lexan bowl is incredibly resistant to scratching or breakage. An extra-large feed tube helps you to slice whole vegetables and fruits with ease, and is included in addition to the standard one-piece Cuisinart Supreme feed tube. All detachable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. The DLC-2009CHB comes with a number of blade attachments designed to make prep work easy.

These include:

• One stainless steel 4 mm slicing disc
• One stainless steel shredding disc
• One chopping and mixing blade
• One dough blade with a detachable disc stem for easy cleanup.

Additional items include a spatula, a how-to DVD, and a recipe and instruction booklet. Cuisinart guarantees your complete happiness with this product, by backing it with a limited three-year warranty on their product and a full ten-year warranty on the motor.

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBThe Cuisinart Prep 9 comes with a gorgeously brushed stainless steel exterior to add a note of elegant refinement to any kitchen. But this food processor brings more to the table than just good looks. Its larger capacity and extra large feed tube allows for a full range of preparatory uses, including slicing vegetables and fruits for recipes, creating bread and pastry dough, and completing a number of other tasks that would ordinarily require you to take it one step at a time before incorporating your ingredients in a separate container. The motor is not only powerful, but also remarkably quiet, so it will take whatever you throw its way and never complain.

Additionally, the powerful motor that comes with this machine never struggles in the face of large jobs. The smaller chute is perfect for pouring liquids or holding longer vegetables upright while the processor is in use. As well, the Cuisinart Prep 9 is designed to be compact on the counter, won’t shimmy or “walk” even when you’re really putting it through its paces, and its front-handle makes it easy to place and remove the bowl with either hand.

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Cleanup is actually more than just manageable with this model. Everything can be rinsed and tossed in the dishwasher, or cleaned by hand with hot, soapy water. That’s because it is made up of easy-to-assemble parts that are just as easily disassembled. This really encourages me to use it, because clean-up is both something I hate doing and also a key concern of mine whenever food is involved.

While not due to the fault of Cuisinart, certain third-party vendors are selling refurbished models of the DLC-2009CHB with only a 90-day warranty attached to it, rather than the standard three-year limited warranty on parts and the generous ten-year warranty for the motor that the manufacturer intended. Should you decide to purchase from a third-party warehouse, because they do offer such seemingly outstanding prices, be sure to check the serial number on the bottom of the processor. If it is engraved, then that means you’ve got the Real McCoy, but if its on a sticker, you’ve been sold a refurbished unit with a 90-day limited warranty, and should return it.

One additional concern for some serious foodies—while this processor is great for some very heavy-duty jobs of chopping and dicing, it falls short with all but the most mild-tempered of dough types, such as those that are included in the complimentary recipe book. This is because it’s a food processor, not a professional-grade stand mixer, and has a 570-watt motor, a fact that isn’t listed on the box.

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This Cuisinart 9 cup food processor is a great machine with lots of versatility that works very well for most tasks. Its large capacity, great design, and high-quality components will serve almost all your prep needs. However, if you’re truly a baker at heart, stick with a stand mixer for those recipes you love best, and use the processor for prep tasks. The only real note of caution here is that you be wary for refurbished models that are marketed as new.

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